Since OPERATINGTECH's incorporation in 1992, we have placed performance and reliability of our products first. That concept has earned us a position as one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers in the industry. We will continue to design and produce power supplies that keep pace with the constantly changing technical needs of companies that use our products.

Research and Development

We constantly continue to develop new products.
Research and development is currently focused on:

  • New methods and materials to contain the costs of the continuous
    escalation of regulatory restriction on the conducted and radiated EMI.

  • Highly integrated control logic chips to regulate and control power factors,
    in response to new standards for reductions and limits to line harmonic distortion and increased power factor performance.

  • Higher switching frequencies, component size reductions, and methods
    and materials to contain radiation, resulting from demands for higher
    power-to-size ratio reductions.

  • Highly integrated switching/control chips and specialized output
    components, such as Low R (on) F.E.T.'s and Schottky rectifiers,
    in response to reductions in final production component count.


This is an exciting time for OPERATINGTECH. Fueling our growth is a myriad of dynamic changes. We are constantly adding to our standard product offerings, increasing our U.S. warehousing capabilities, strengthening our communication capabilities, and combining some of the most innovative engineering minds in the power supply industry. We also offer the following unique strengths to our customers:

  • U.S. design, engineering support, and testing

  • Designing and manufacturing of power supplies, without any middlemen

  • All transactions completed in the U.S.

  • An extensive rep/sales network for high level of service

  • Patents on proprietary circuit designs

  • Financial strength

  • Asian/U.S. experience in design and manufacturing

  • Logistics and kit experience

  • New product introductions

  • Local inventory

We look forward to providing you with power solutions here at OPERATINGTECH. Please contact us for any comments or questions you might have regarding our products and services.

Operating Technical Electronics, Inc.